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Our Aims

We believe that the bigger the range of behaviors is for an individual in each situation, the more occasions he gets of developing socially and intellectually.

The more means he has to communicate, the more these means allow him to get what he wants and the more the individual becomes autonomous.

This is precisely the primary aim of ABA67: to provide children with "pervasive developmental disorders", autism in particular, with a maximum of autonomy.

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How can our aims be achieved?

This autonomy is not acquired through lessons of morality, but through work. This work is constant and meticulously prepared and monitored by qualified psychologists who specialize in this approach. These psychologists focus on finding the best solutions adapted to reduce problematic behaviors of the child as fast as possible and to replace them by appropriate behaviors. The parents have to work at defining strategies in everyday life to allow their child to find his place harmoniously. The child has to learn progressively how to regulate his problematic behaviors and discovers new abilities.

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The specific care is divided into modules which all aim at helping the child on his way towards autonomy.

Progress is often visible after a few sessions. These early sessions are the starting point for lasting changes, which continue to evolve and enrich the child's life.

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How can you help us?

You can help us and join this project by becoming members and/or by sending us donations

Le 14 mai 2018 :

Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche de nouveaux intervenants pour subvenir aux nombreuses demandes d'interventions que nous recevons.
Pour de plus amples informations, vous pouvez laisser un message à l'adresse suivante...
Le 14 mai 2018 :

Prise en charge ABA
A compter de la rentrée de septembre 2018 quelques places se libèrent pour une prise en charge intensive, sur Strasbourg et environs.
Pour toute demande, compléter le formulaire suivant...
Le 02 avril 2015 :

Portez des vêtements bleus
A partir de 19H rejoignez-nous devant Rivétoile (côté Parc de l'Étoile) Pour parler de l autisme, avoir des infos, pour sensibiliser...

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